Tuesday, December 7, 2010

He is a prize.....

So the dear Pres of that nation Botswana , that is quietly squeezing the life out of the Bushmen for the love of diamonds , but i digress...., this dear man decided to announce that he does not want a fat chick for a wife... Mmmm.. wonder what Mma Ramotswe thinks of that... Pres Khama used one of his employees as an example, pointed to her and said he didnt want a woman like that one, who probably cant fit through doors, breaks furniture and has destroyed shock absorbers of cars she has managed to wiggle her fat self into.... and the prize ladies....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

loco four loko

State of my nation....
  • GWB, having shoes thrown at you ought to have sucked more than having Kanye West calling you names.

  • Not really for Lisa Murkoskwi but , she sure is better than Joe Miller.

  • Ms. Alaska and Alvin Green would make a great 2012 ticket.  I dont know whats worse, that he intends to run or that someone would pay $23 for a darn Alvin Green anything!
  • Darn, i have try you out Four Loko, before the FDA messes with you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

laughing all the way to bed...

Somewhere in all that wonder, that is Jimmy Mcmillan, is some heavy truth

Sunday, October 3, 2010


yes i did it! i used my phone while i was driving. but can you blame me? a pink truck! with men in it. I'm not saying men cant like pink but geez! i'm judging!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

too much flesh!!

I dont know who this guy is ( and in this case, ignorance is bliss) and  though i dont like his references to Michelle O, his take on Bishop Eddie Long was very hilarious. polyester shirts!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday ought to be Friday

While witch lady Carla Bruni  was throwing mud all over her "O"ness  and that crazy woman from Vancouver, WA who previously claimed that a black woman,with a ponytail, ( yup, there are lots of them running around!!!) threw acid at her was confessing   (... sigh... ),  i was busy being intrigued and yet disturbed by this...

Monkey theatre in Thailand

i get it! its an ancient art and all but really!!! whats up with the knives !!!  heck! the whole thing is disturbing! what is that monkey singing? and that poor little thing in the "ring of knives"...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Save Darfur Weblog

Save Darfur Weblog

Check Cashers Convention ? Payday Loan Conventions....

who knew that they had conventons? i've been meaning to pick up this book but ( AMaZON!!!!) i'm still waiting on my kindle so i can get it that route.  After i watched this  guy on c-span2, i got more annoyed with amazon. i'm quitevconvinced that this Kindle is going to solve all my problems. I'll watch less tv, read more books and maybe even get back to listening to radio plays and stuff.  You have to love the shows on BBC radio .

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chart that ! Zim

the last thirty years...

What in the world?!!!?

Gang leaders in Chicago held a press conference to bitch about the new police departments' plans for dealing with gang violence. Apparently its unfair and constitutes " unfair harrasment." Cruel and unsual treatment. SMH.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Night -cap

Enjoying my night-cap  while i wonder:
1.Jimmy Carter off to North Korea..... in his double role as a former Pres. and a Global elder i guess?  (the elders.... lol. sounds like a japanese cartoon, like Thundercats or something). Question. who asked Mr Gomes to cross the border into the forbidden land and try to serve old Kim with a termination notice? now he is stuck in jail, and dear old Jimmy has to put on his action figure suit and go save him (on a double mission)? SMH
speaking of Elders, dont you just love Graca Machel 

2. how about those  Chilean miners? the government told them that it could be christmas before they get out.    2,300 feet down!! The engineers need 120 days to dig the escape shaft! 120 days!!

3. Dear Google, do i really need to call people from my gmail ? how about something to help those poor miners?

4. Timberland, a $2 mil watch? Do better!  Who the heck still wears watches anyway? sell it!( who would buy it?, maybe you can send it to Cash4Gold) the whole world now  knows you spent $2 mil on a watch.

5. Some 30 year old man  torched his mother's house because she threw out his action figures. Dude, you are 30!

( heavy sigh)  those poor Chilean miners. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Beef for dinner

All day i had intentions of blogging about this article i read in the WSJ ( something about using local sports leagues as a dating service) but all that changed when on my way home i stopped by  a local Mexican market in search of some corn (the large Goya kind ) and in the freezer right next to the packets of corn were these huge bags of meat. On closer inspection....

 Yup, thats right, A cow's head. for $22.50 it can be yours for dinner. While its not unheard of to eat beef tounge or, i guess, cow heads,  it just looked so brutal to see all those heads in the freezers, teeth, tongues and all. eyes all big and round... SMH  Why waste good meat, right? I must confess to having enjoyed a few, or maybe several beef tounge dishes in the not so distant past.