Friday, August 20, 2010

Beef for dinner

All day i had intentions of blogging about this article i read in the WSJ ( something about using local sports leagues as a dating service) but all that changed when on my way home i stopped by  a local Mexican market in search of some corn (the large Goya kind ) and in the freezer right next to the packets of corn were these huge bags of meat. On closer inspection....

 Yup, thats right, A cow's head. for $22.50 it can be yours for dinner. While its not unheard of to eat beef tounge or, i guess, cow heads,  it just looked so brutal to see all those heads in the freezers, teeth, tongues and all. eyes all big and round... SMH  Why waste good meat, right? I must confess to having enjoyed a few, or maybe several beef tounge dishes in the not so distant past.


  1. i think it's those teeth and that eye that are a bit unsettling

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