Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Night -cap

Enjoying my night-cap  while i wonder:
1.Jimmy Carter off to North Korea..... in his double role as a former Pres. and a Global elder i guess?  (the elders.... lol. sounds like a japanese cartoon, like Thundercats or something). Question. who asked Mr Gomes to cross the border into the forbidden land and try to serve old Kim with a termination notice? now he is stuck in jail, and dear old Jimmy has to put on his action figure suit and go save him (on a double mission)? SMH
speaking of Elders, dont you just love Graca Machel 

2. how about those  Chilean miners? the government told them that it could be christmas before they get out.    2,300 feet down!! The engineers need 120 days to dig the escape shaft! 120 days!!

3. Dear Google, do i really need to call people from my gmail ? how about something to help those poor miners?

4. Timberland, a $2 mil watch? Do better!  Who the heck still wears watches anyway? sell it!( who would buy it?, maybe you can send it to Cash4Gold) the whole world now  knows you spent $2 mil on a watch.

5. Some 30 year old man  torched his mother's house because she threw out his action figures. Dude, you are 30!

( heavy sigh)  those poor Chilean miners. 

1 comment:

  1. you see, this is why nightcaps are so important.

    did you know that the chilean miners have been warned to stay slim. because when trapped that far underground, chances are you'll spend your days stuffing your face and watching daytime television.

    timbaland - do you think he'll get more than $100 from cash4gold?

    i hope the ginger ale doesn't have the devil in it.